Shortened Bag for Sportster


The shortened swing arm bag, suitable for all Harley-Davidson® Sportster models, for more legroom for the passenger.

This bag only makes sense with the Version1 bag holder. This cannot be sensibly fastened with straps and is therefore not offered with fastening straps.

After all, you want the bag to come away from the passenger footrest and be attached to the back as far as possible



from 150€ up

Mit dem Taschenhalter elegant montiert und schnell entfernt zum Putzen vom Bike. Selbstverständlich kann die Tasche auch gegen Diebstahl geschützt werden.


Taschenhalter Version 1

Die Taschenhalter sind aus Edelstahlblech, voll entgratet, grundiert und pulverbeschichtet.

Taschenhalter Version 2 wird anstatt der Soziusfußraste verschraubt.


Now it's getting serious. Once you have been inspired by our site, you can put together the details of your dream bag or seat here.

Since material costs can vary greatly here, you will receive a binding offer by email after a few days. After your OK, the production starts. From there it's time to wait and look forward to your new motorcycle accessory!