Fenderstrut Bag right side no bottle holder


The fender strut bags for Softail models from 2018 can be made in various sizes up to 40cm wide, also with aluminium body. Due to the many models we have to discuss that, that's too much to list everything that is possible here



from 175€ up

Video :

Here are the usual dimensions, the larger bag costs €30 extra. The depth is always measured inside/outside.

with bottleholder

How to mount the bags :

a new form can be made 14 x 11 x 8 inch

the docking kit also fits if you already have a sissy bar or if you have installed the original docking kit


Now it's getting serious. Once you have been inspired by our site, you can put together the details of your dream bag or seat here.

Since material costs can vary greatly here, you will receive a binding offer by email after a few days. After your OK, the production starts. From there it's time to wait and look forward to your new motorcycle accessory!